Custom Business Calendars

Calendars make for excellent marketing tools and can be used in various ways for companies looking to maximize untapped advertising opportunities. Today’s businesses often supplement their products and services with free give-away calendars, which are not only useful gifts to your client, they also generate brand awareness on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. Custom Built Calendars offers up to 17 months of potential advertising space available, allowing you to subtly introduce current and potential clients to your brand’s identity by featuring pictures, logos or even staff portraits. With our online software program, you can even customize calendar dates to include your spotlight annual sales or product launches by inserting your own personalized captions.

Custom Options Available

Design and personalize your own calendar

Your business has its own personality and customized calendars are great opportunities to get all the critical information out to your clients. Custom Built Calendars’ easy to use online platform lets you customize nearly every portion of your calendar using your own company photos. Perhaps you prefer something more conventional; feel free to mix in some of our business and professional templates where you see fit. Choose from our ranging color palate to find that perfect green for your lawn care service or upload your logo alongside antique cars for your body shop. All of our printing is carried out in house and we never compromise on color or paper quality.

Total control over resizing and placement

Want to use your company logo? No problem! Our software actually allows for re-sizing, re-positioning, and re-shaping of logos to ensure their print quality and your company integrity. Worried about text alignment? Our software comes with a number of familiar editing options to help you get that perfect spacing.

Various options and sizes

Custom Built Calendars does our own printing and finishing for standard and oversized wall calendars, easel calendars, desktop calendars, and more! We offer a number of binding options, ranging from the simple saddle stich to the double looped bind, a classic finish for perfectly aligned wall calendars.

Professional online and phone support

We guarantee the quality of our prints by having trained customer service representatives double check all orders before they are carried out. There are no fees associated with changing your design before it is printed, and we certainly don’t mind, so there’s no reason for you to be less than absolutely satisfied with your final product.

Online and production quality proofing available

After your order is complete a sample of your calendar will be provided in PDF form for your approval. Upon approval and payment, your customized calendar will be professionally shrink wrapped and shipped within 8 business days.