Custom Church Calendars

Celebrate the life of Jesus and his spiritual journey every day of the year. With Custom Built Calendars you can easily create a customized calendar to not only remind you of our patriotic holidays but of the life and ministry of Jesus and his disciples as well. Observance begets spiritual growth and what better way to encourage and strengthen the faith of the ones you love by giving them the opportunity to practice their faith 365 days a year!

Custom Options Available

Design your own calendar to support your church

Use this opportunity to create a modern day calendar featuring your favorite and most influential biblical scenes. Wander through a crowded Jerusalem market in January, wade in the Jordan River in March, and even sit by baby Jesus in December. Our custom made church calendars are useful gifts for the dedicated church goer as well as encouraging for those who need a little bit of a push.

Easy to use

Custom Built Calendars’ easy to use design is all online. That means the whole process is available to you to 24/7. Whether you’re just checking out quotes or are ready to design your calendar, just starting or returning to a piece in the works, our online platform requires no software to download or any forms to send in. All it takes is you, a little creative vision, and a small deposit to get started!

Perfect fundraising for showcasing your organization

Partaking in a fundraising campaign? Use our online assembly to customize one or many calendars that speak to your audience! We offer a number of motivational, artistic, and scenic templates for 12, 13, 16, and 17 month calendars. Want to use your company logo? No problem! Our software actually allows for re-sizing, re-positioning, and re-shaping of logos to ensure their print quality.

In-house state of the art digital printing guarantees high quality

Custom Built Calendars does our own printing and finishes for a number of calendar types, like standard and oversized wall calendars, easel calendars, desktop calendars, and more! We print in house and guarantee the quality of our prints by having trained customer service representatives double check all orders before they are carried out. There are no fees associated with changing your design before it is printed, and we certainly don’t mind, so there’s no reason for you to be less than absolutely satisfied with your final product.

Online and production quality proofing available

After your order is complete a sample of your calendar will be provided in PDF form for your approval. Upon approval and payment, your customized calendar will be professionally shrink wrapped and shipped within 8 business days.