Custom Organization Calendars

Customized calendars are affordable and practical gifts for members and supporters of a club or organization. Each month offers a new opportunity to feature content, photos or stories that reflect your club’s message and, with up to 17 months of available space, your book club, fitness group or PTA can even dedicate some space to local supporters by offering their businesses free advertising space.

Custom Options Available

Customize your own calendar dates and holidays

In addition to standard American and Canadian holidays, our calendar building program allows you to customize your very own calendar dates! Want to remind everyone about the bake sale at the end of February? Simply click on the date and inset your own personalized caption—it will save and print to your customized calendar.

English, French & Spanish language options

Organizations working on global campaigns are encouraged to use our free language options to reach an even greater audience by allowing you to create your calendars in English, French, and Spanish.

Various bindings and finishes available

We offer a number of binding and finishing options perfect for every kind of calendar. If you are printing in mass, perhaps for a fundraiser or as an awareness, we recommend the saddle stich bind, our most popular and economic bind that essentially staples calendar pages together down the center of the spine. It’s simple but sturdy enough to hold up to 17 months of calendar pages together. For a more refined look try out our plasticoil, a classic spiral binding featured in many desktop calendars or the double looped binding, which offers perfect wall calendar alignment.

In-house state of the art digital printing guarantees high quality

Custom Built Calendars does our own printing and finishing in house. We guarantee the quality of our prints by having trained customer service representatives double check all orders before they are carried out. There are no fees associated with changing your design before it is printed, and we certainly don’t mind, so there’s no reason for you to be less than absolutely satisfied with your final product.

Online and production quality proofing available

After your order is complete a sample of your calendar will be provided in PDF form for your approval. Upon approval and payment, your customized calendar will be professionally shrink wrapped and shipped within 8 business days.